Cheverus School's Out Swiss Tournament Report

06.21.19 On Saturday, June 15th Cheverus High School in Portland hosted the School's Out Chess Tournament a six-person US Chess rated event. Here's the tournament report courtesy of the winner of the event Aiden Thomas.

Congratulations to Aiden Thomas for winning the School's Out Swiss at Cheverus High School on Saturday, June 15th.

US Chess crosstable of this event

A casual 6-player Swiss tournament held at Cheverus High School produced some interesting games and surprising results, but after three rounds of competitive play, Aidan Thomas emerged with an unbeaten and undrawn 3-0 record to take clear first place.

Brian Conti scored an unbeaten 2 points out of 3 with a win and two draws to take clear second. The final round produced an entertaining matchup as Aidan and Declan Thomas were the only players within reach of first place, leading to a battle of brothers with first place and massive family bragging rights on the line.

Declan (1002) was the most surprising player on the day, producing a hard-fought draw with Brian Conti (1533) in the first round. Declan actually went up a piece but it had minimal impact as he was forced to defend constant mating threats and settled for a peaceful result. He followed that up with a mini-upset over Ambrose McCullough (1056). However, he withstood heavy pressure in his final match before dropping two pawns which proved vital in the tournament's decisive game.

All-in-all, it was a very impressive day from the rising eighth grader who entered the day as the lowest rated player.

Zach Brislin produced the biggest upset, taking down the field's top-rated player Ian Youth in the first round. Zach's blistering attack forced Youth to make long calculations and precise moves out of his French defense before succumbing to the attack and severe time pressure. Brislin finished with 1 point and Ian shared third with Declan with 1.5 points. Ambrose finished sixth although his 0 points didn't indicate his level of play in three hard-fought games.

Thank you to Phil Lowell for directing the tournament and Jane Glass who provided the Cheverus library as a great space for the tournament.

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