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07.14.18 In case you haven't yet heard, the Maine Chess Association has a new interim president with much energy, many new ideas, and a real willingness to listen and do his best to meet the needs of the Maine chess community. Here's a message from MECA Interim President Michael Dudley.

A message from Maine Chess Association Interim President Michael Dudley


13 July 2018

Dear Maine Chess Association,

Summer is always an exciting time. This particular summer has involved a lot of chess travel for me so far. Tomorrow, I'll be traveling up to Fort Fairfield to enter the Maine Potato Blossom Festival Chess Tournament, my first chance to play in Aroostook County. Earlier this month, I had the chance to play in the World Open in Philadelphia alongside Bill Hartt and Stevie Baston. More chess travel is in store for me to Pittsburgh, PA and Madison, WI. It is an exciting time to be a chess player.

In addition to enjoying chess over the board, the Officers and Policy Board of the Maine Chess Association are working to bring MECA into a new era. I would first love to welcome two new members of the board: Shannon Levesque as our interim Treasurer, and Wyatt Hendrix as a new Policy Board member. In that vein, we are looking for someone to serve as MECA Secretary in an interim role until MECA holds its elections in December this year. If you are interested in fulfilling such a role, please let me know by July 31.

The MECA Policy Board has already begun discussions for new and better tournament events for 2019. A new structure for Maine Chess Player of the Year in 2019 will be in the works very soon, and MECA has voted to bring back the Maine Girls' Closed Championship as a means of nominating students for the National Girls' Tournament of Champions and the Susan Polgar Invitational. These new tournament venues represent not only new opportunities for chess play in Maine, but also represent new opportunities for tournament directors to test their skills and gain the experience so valuable to our competitive game.

At the forefront of our minds at the Policy Board level is giving MECA members the best value for their membership dues. We want to provide a membership that offers benefits while funding a robust, active, sustainable organization. These two elements of MECA go hand in hand, and we are dedicated to strengthening that cycle. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see MECA take on for its members, please feel free to write to me at or, or to any member of the Policy Board. I would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, if you are reading this, please consider joining the Maine Chess Association. We would love to have you on our membership roll, and we can guarantee that good things are coming up for MECA. If you aren't a member already, please join. If you were a member in years past, please consider renewing. We would love your support!

See you over the board!
Michael Dudley
Interim President
Maine Chess Association


Sorry for the errant 'or renewing' in my last paragraph! Goodness!


No worries. I deleted those extra words for you.


I am impressed, and at 84
will renew an expired membership.........Jon

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