Spencer Wins Bapst Impromptu Swiss 6

02.03.18 The 6th John Bapst Impromptu Swiss tournament played on January 30, 2018 attracted six players in one section. These G/25 +10 tournaments, usually played on weeknights at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor, provide opportunities for players to get in three rated games at a quicker time control compared with a traditional weekend tournament. Former Bapst student Aaron Spencer took first with three wins in three games.

Players compete at the 6th John Bapst Impromtu Swiss (from left) Nathan Gates, Brian Hurst, Wyatt Hendrix, and the tournament winner Aaron Spencer.

US Chess crosstable of this event

Thanks to Michael Dudley for contributing to this report.

Quick chess is a bit of a different animal--slower than blitz but faster than traditional chess. Players need to be efficient in thier thinking and often take a clearer, simpler path in order to conserve thinking time rather than delve into the complexities of deep tactical or strategic analysis. This format suits some players quite well.

Aaron Spencer seemed comfortable with the quick time control as he was able to subdue all three of his opponents to take first place with the unbeaten and untied score of three points.

Just off the leasd pace set by Spencer were Wyatt Hendrix and Brian Hurst who shared second place with 2.0 points apiece.

Nathan Gates and tournament director cum player Michael Dudley finished equal forth with 1.0 point.

Swaroop Handral rounded out the crosstable scoreless.

Thanks to players and organizers for continuting to perpetuate the (now famous) John Bapst Impromptu Swisses!

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