Lincolnville Central School K-12 Tournament Report

02.24.18 Thirty-three players competed in the Lincolnville Central School K-12 tournament played in Lincolnville on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The event offered three sections in five divisions: K-1, Grade 2-3, Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8, and High School. Here's the richly illustrated tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

This work in progress was in the art room at the Lincolnville Central School site of the LCS K-12 Chess Tournament played on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

US Chess crosstable of this event

The LCS K-12 tournament, like the All Saints Winter Warm-Up tournament held on the same day, serves as a training ground for the upcoming state scholastic team championships to be held on Saturday, March 10th at the University of Maine in Orono. See the events page for more information about this tournament.

Kaleb Pendleton won the High School division of the LCS K-12 tournament with an unbeaten and untied 4.0 points in four games. He was trailed by Evan Annis who finished in clear second place with 3.0 points. Colby Allen and Jakob McPhee scored 2.0 points and shared third. Henry Saggese put up 1.5 points and Jordan Fowler and Ilianna Kahn tied for seventh with 1.0 point.

Eli Slaughter outpaced his opponents in the Grade 7-8 division by scoring 2.5 points and taking clear first place. He was followed by Ronin Deschamps with 2.0 points in second and Michael Ham with 1.0 point in third.

Rohan Joseph and Piper Sanders tied for first place in the Grade 4-6 division with 3.5 points apiece. Gabe Austin took third with 3.0 points. Tom Pickford and Sully Bryant both put up 2.5 points for equal fourth place. Sam Duval had 2.0 points, Jordan Space scored 1.5 and Caleb Ouillette and Maggie O'Brien both finished with 1.5 points.

In the Grade 2-3 division, Zachary Egeland took clear first with 3.0 points. He was trailed by a group of five players scoring 2.0 points including: Jusin Massey, Connor Harris, Gabriel Lippman, Andrew O'Brien, and Py Nakjaroen. Noah Bendtson and Leo Vietze each scored 1.0 point and Ezra Oldham put up half a point with a second-round draw.

Jonathan O'Brien finished the K-1 section with an unbeaten and untied 4.0 points in four games. In second was Ray Beach with 3.0 points. Anneka Egeland and Lily Fishman finished third with 2.0 points and Anderson Janaitis scored 1.0 point for fourth.

Thanks to all players, parents, coaches, and volunteers for making this event a great success. A special word of gratitude to tournament organizer Bruce Haffner and assistant tournament director Ilianna Kahn. Thanks also to Lincolnville Central School for hosting.

High School division winner Kaleb Pendleton

Evan Annis scored 3.0 points for clear second in the High School division.

Colby Allen

Jakob McPhee

Henry Saggese

Jordan Fowler

Thanks to assistant tournament director Ilianna Kahn for unexpectedly playing in the High School section to avoid the necessity of byes.

The High School section was played in the LCS Library.

High School and Grade 7-8 players enjoyed excellent conditions for their games.

Eli Slaughter won the Grade 7-8 division with 2.5 points.

Ronin Deschamps

Michael Ham

The High School and Grade 7-8 group

Grade 4-6 co-winner Rohan Joseph put up 3.5 points as did

Piper Sanders.

Third in the Grade 4-6 division: Gabe Austin

Tom Pickford

Sully Bryant

Sam Duval

Jordan Space

Caleb Ouillette

Maggie O'Brien

Zachary Egeland finished first in the Grade 2-3 division with 3.0 points.

Justin Massey headed up the log jam of five players scoring 2.0 points in the Grade 2-3 division including:

Connor Harris

Gabriel Lippman

Andrew O'Brien and

Py Nakjaroen.

Noah Bendtson

Leo Vietze

Ezra Oldham

Tournament organizer Bruce Haffner shares the results and presents trophies at the conclusion of the Grade 2-6 section.

The Grade 2-3 and Grade 4-6 contingent

Jonathan O'Brien took clear first in the K-1 section with 4.0 points.

Ray Beach put up 3.0 points for second place.

Anneka Egeland and

Lily Fishman tied for third place with 2.0 points.

Anderson Janaitias finished fifth with 1.0 point.

The intrepid K-1 players

Thanks to the parents who helped assemble trophies!

The bling!

Py Nakjaroen takes a look at the results in the Grade 2-3 division.

Having fun between rounds on the big set.

After the tournament we were treated to a game of hearthside chess at tournament organizer Bruce Haffner's beautiful home in Hope.

An oasis for the (chess) traveler's soul: the Lincolnville Center General Store

If you want it, they've got it at the LCGS!


Wood-fired, brick-oven bread!

We couldn't resist a close-up!

And lots of other treats!

Lincolnville, Maine

Thanks to Lincolnville Central School for hosting!


Hello Everyone, I continue to follow Maine chess primarily on Dan’s site and I’m playing and coaching quite regularly here in San Diego.
Congratulations, Kaleb! I’m so happy to see that you and Jacob are still playing! You’re both really growing up!
We had some fun times and hopefully chess will always be fun.
BTW, Kaleb your position looked very playable from the opening.
Continued successes to both of you!

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