Fort O'Brien Tournment Report

02.17.18 The 2nd Annual Fort O'Brien Chess Tournament was played on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at Fort O'Brien School in Machiasport, Maine and attracted seventeen players. Ben Mock won the Open section and Jonah Dean topped the U400 section both with perfect scores. We bring you the illustrated tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

The Fort O'Brien Comet is emblazoned at center court at the site of the 2nd Annual Fort O'Brien Chess Tournament.

US Chess crosstable of this event

Advertised as a five-section event, the 2nd Annual Fort O'Brien Tournament had to settle for two sections--Open and U400, as the other three sections (U1600, U1200, and U800) were left with too few players to field. Nevertheless, many great games were contested and it was a positive learning experience for all with plenty of fun thrown in.

In the four-player Open section, top seeded Ben Mock scored three-for-three to take first place. The remaining three players, who were all rated U800, competed for the U800 awards. Luke Campbell took first with 2.0 points. He was trailed by Kaiden Wood with 1.0 point and Elisabeth Fowlie Mock who, although unable to get on the scoreboard, did receive the U800 third place trophy.

At the top of the U400 section, Jonah Dean finished unbeaten and untied for a perfect 4.0 points in as many games. Three players finished second with 3.0 points: Max Ginn, Lily Campbell, and Ryley Ingrish. In the 2.0 point-scoring tier were: Dawson Fielder, Levi Campbell, Aiden Espling, and Josie Ingrish. Jayden Wright, Regina Wood-Coffin, Ryan Murphy, and Trent Gatley finished tied for ninth place with 1.5 points. Carter Murphy showed dogged determination to grind out two draws and finish with one point on the day.

We are extremely grateful to all of the players, parents, coaches, and volunteers who helped make this event a positive learning experience for all. Thanks also to Fort O'Brien School principal Sue Almendinger for continuing to support scholastic chess!

Ben Mock won the Open section going away with 3.0 points.

Luke Campbell netted the U800 first place trophy with 2.0 points.

Second in the U800 section: Kaiden Wood

Elisabeth Fowlie Mock aka Ben's mom

Winners in the U800 section (left to right): Luke Campbell, Kaiden Wood, and Elisabeth Fowlie Mock

Ben Mock (left) gets in a skittles game after the last round.

Jonah Dean went perfect on the day to win the U400 section with 4.0 points in four games.

Max Ginn had a fine showing and nearly took the top honors. His only loss was a last-round defeat to the tournament winner.

Lily Campbell showed some nice technique in her three wins.

Ryley Ingrish's chess has come a long way since last year's tournament. This young man put up 3.0 points and tied for second place.

Dawson Fielder led the 2.0 point getters on tiebreaks.

Playing in his first US Chess rated tournament: Levi Campbell

Aiden Espling also finished in the 2.0 point score group and tied for fifth.

Watch out for this young player! Josie Ingrish showed some quick instincts over the board.

Jayden Wright

Regina Wood-Coffin put her third US Chess rated tournament in the books.

Trent Gatley scored 1.5 points with a draw and a bye.

A la the great drawing master Carl Schlechter, Carter Murphy grimly held on in rounds three and four for two well-earned draws.

The U400 section

Board 1, Final Round, U400 section: Max Ginn (left) plays Jonah Dean

Carter Murphy (left) plays his classmate Regina-Wood Coffin.

The U400 contingent

The gallery

Great thanks to Lisa Berg (left) and Vicki Espling for donating to and staffing the kitchen. Great job croo! Thanks also to Richie Fielder for getting the pizzas. It was a real team effort.

Thanks again to Fort O'Brien School for hosting!

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