Ben Mock Wins Friday Night Blitz Tournament

12.05.17 How can you play fourteen rounds of chess in one night? Well the only way, of course, is if those rounds are at a blitz time control! On October 27, 2017 eight intrepid players showed up for an epic, fourteen-round blitz marathon at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor. When the dust cleared it was Ben Mock who was left standing alone on top of Mount Olympus with the very impressive score of 12.5 points. Dan Robbins finished second with 11.0 points.

Friday Night Blitz at John Bapst High School

Thanks to Michael Dudley for contributing to this report.

US Chess crosstable of this event

Dan Robbins (left) looking to get equality with the black pieces in his game at the Friday Night Blitz tournament at John Bapst Memorial High School.

Tournament director, organizer, and chess coach Michael Dudley continues to impress with his energetic promotion of chess in the Bangor area. This time he offered a fun Friday Night Blitz tournament hosted by John Bapst Memorial High School on Broadway in Bangor.

Ben Mock put up 12.5 points in fourteen games with two byes. That was enough to claim the top honors at the event. Just off the lead with 11 points was Dan Robbins who had to take byes in the first four rounds.

After these two giants came the rest of the field. Three players finished with 8.0 points including Samanthak Thiagarajan, Catherine Rudnicki, and Minh Nguyen. Joshua Batstone put up 6.5 points and Liam Moynihan and Miguel Hernandez finished with 2.0 points.

But when playing blitz, often the fun outweighs the points and scoring. Fun was surely had by all at this tournament.

Thanks to all of the players who came out for this event and thanks to Michael Dudley and John Bapst Memorial High School for organizing, directing, and hosting.

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