Sergio Mejia Wins George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize

05.05.16 The George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize was established to recognize and reward games that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically interesting. Soon after the Prize's inception, a generous donor contributed a significant amount of capital to reward the player of the brilliant game with a $100 check. After poring over games submitted to, our crack GCBP Committee has selected Sergio Mejia's game vs Brian Hurst, played at the Maine State Championship on April 10, 2016, as the winner for this quarter.

Congratulations to Sergio Mejia for winning the George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize for the three-month period February-April 2016.

We hope you can take the time to enjoy this game.


I have to note that this game is quite tactically flawed. 21.Nxd4? though flashy is a mistake; Black should have played 21...Nxd4 22.Bxe8 g6 23.Bxf7 Kxf7 24.Rxh6 Qxc2 and Black is much better.

well deserved

Very impressive, a well-deserved award for one of the most dangerous attacking players in the state. Congratulations Sergio!

Beautiful.........Congratulations to Sergio.........jon

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