Matthew Fishbein and Ian Youth Compete at Denker and Barber Tournaments

09.25.2015 Matthew Fishbein and Ian Youth represented Maine at the 2015 Denker Tournament of High School Champions and 2015 Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions played in Phoenix, Arizona on August 1-4. This tournament brings together state champions from around the country and the competition, as you can imagine, is very stiff. Matthew turned in a fine performance with 3.0 points in six rounds as did Ian who scored 2.5 points. Matthew's dad, Dan Fishbein, submitted this report.

The Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix site of the 2015 Denker and Barber tournament of champions.

Denker Tournament crosstable

Barber Tournament crosstable

A good start last night for Matthew at the Denker Tournament of High School State Champions here in Arizona. He won against the New Mexico State champion. His prize? He gets to play the third highest rated player in the tournament in the next round! Ian lost his first game to Ohio's state champion rated 2139!

It was 107 degrees today in Phoenix. "But it's a dry heat." As someone I know said, "So is the inside of an oven, but you don't see me climbing in there!" Matthew lost Round 2 to the New Jersey champ (rating 2426, third highest in the tournament). Tonight he plays the New Hampshire state champion. Ian drew vs the state champion from New Mexico.

Matthew won over neighboring New Hampshire's state champion tonight, and has now won two out of three. Some compensation for the Hampton tolls! Ian lost to the Montana state champion rated nearly 300 points higher.

Matthew drew Round 4 to a top player, the New York champion. He is rated 200 points above Matthew and is famous enough to have his own website (!), so this is a good result. After consecutively playing all four "New" states (New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire and New York, which has to be some sort of record), now he is playing the Pennsylvania champ in Round 5. Ian chalked up his first win against the Idaho state champion.

Matthew drew round 5 last night to the Pennsylvania champion, who is 100 points above him. He was in trouble but found a clever perpetual check to force the draw. Interesting tidbit: they played once before, at Super Nationals in Nashville when they were 11 (and Matthew pulled off an upset win). Now he is playing in the final round against Illinois. He has 3 points out of five, and has played one of the toughest schedules- representing Maine well! Ian won his second consecutive game! This one was against Indiana's top K-8 player.

Matthew had a tough loss in his last round to a higher rated player, the Illinois champion. He had a very tough set of pairings, with four of his six opponents rated well above him. He finished with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, for 3 points out of a possible 6- a fine result for the little state 'o Maine! Matthew was also recognized for being the first player in history to represent his state at 5 consecutive Middle School and High School tournaments of state champions. Ian lost to Virginia's state champion rated 2038. To score 2.5 points in a field this strong is a huge accomplishment and one for which we can all be proud of Ian. Congratulations Ian for representing Maine so admirably.

Matthew Fishbein shakes hands with the New Hampshire state high school champion.

Ian Youth giving it his all at the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions.

As usual, these tournaments boast top playing conditions.

Outside the tournament hall it was a bit warm

Congratulations again to both of our Maine players!

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