Potato Blossom Festival Tournament Report

10.26.13 In this era of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and full e-mail in-boxes, messages can often get buried in the onslaught. That's just what happened to an e-mail received from Lance Beloungie this summer with photos describing the Potato Blossom Festival Chess Tournament played in Fort Fairfield on July 14, 2013. Here's the (albeit late) tournament report.

The beautiful Fort Fairfield Community Bandstand served as the outdoor venue for the 2013 Potato Blossom Festival Chess Tournament.

Eight players turned out on a perfectly gorgeous day in northern Maine to compete in the 2013 Potato Blossom Chess Tournament. The tournament was part of Fort Fairfield's larger annual Potato Blossom Festival celebration.

Third- and fourth-seeded Michael Porter (1768) and Ray Haines (1761) tied for first scoring 3.0 points in four rounds. One-half point back were Roger Morin (2044) and Roger Hardison (1586) with 2.5 points. Tim Walker (1030) and Lois Morin (869) each scored a point and Kyle Porter (1236) put up one draw.

USCF crosstable of this event

The first round gets under way.

Michael Porter (in cap) battles Lance Beloungie while Kyle Porter takes on Roger Hardison.

A better view of Hardison-Porter while Lois Morin looks on.

Ray Haines (right) and Tim Walker give it their all.

Second round action: Roger Morin (left) plays Ray Haines.

The section tournament winners Michael Porter (left) (3.0), Lois Morin (1.0) with Lance Beloungie.

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