MECA Annual Meeting Minutes

10.26.13 Minutes from the MECA Annual Meeting on October 20, 2013 at the University of Maine, Augusta.

MECA meeting 10/20/13 Augusta ME


Meeting called to order by President Andy Bryan
Attending: Officers: President Andy Bryan, Secretary Lee Doucette,
Directors: Phil Lowell, Barry Magda, Ron Lewis

1. Treasurer report (9/1/2012 > 8/31/2013)

In the absence of Andrey, Lee presented a summary of income/expenses for fiscal 2012
Current assets 9/1/12: $2541
Gross income through 8/31/13: $1035 ($1423)
Membership fees $195
CPY tournament fees $81
Entry fees $1075
Donations $77

Gross expenses through 8/31/12: -$776 ($1163)
Prize funds -$678
Donations -$200
ME State Champ -$250
IRS Non-profit fee -$35

Net balance 8/31/13 $2801
Additional income 2013
Membership fees $45
Pending expenses for 2013
website support -$200
CPY prize fund -$225

Calendar 2013 balance (est) $2421

Calendar 2013 net (est) -$120

Ron moved to accept, 2nd by Barry, unanimous approval

2. Secretary report
43 active members (6 are life members), same as last year

Barry requested membership list be provided to board members to canvass for officers
Andy suggested membership info sheet & questionnaire to find out what members are expecting for their membership
 support of website for Maine chess activity
 can you help? Activity, officers

Phil moved to accept, 2nd by Ron, unanimous approval

3. Maine Closed Championship
2014 - 4/12&13 waterville best western
same entry, prizes, 5 rounds, a single ½ point bye will be available for rounds 1,2,3
andy will check w/ his contact to get rates for use of smaller rooms used last year on Saturday

2015 - 4/18/&19 waterville

4. Other MECA tournaments
Alex Relyea has requested a January MECA event in Saco
We should consider another (small) MECA-sponsored tournament to raise additional funds & membership

5. Chess Player of the Year Competition 2014

• CPY points may be accumulated in regional tournaments, 3 per region (North, East, Central, and South).
• State Championship will not be considered a CENTRAL tournament
• Current MECA membership is required. Only players with current MECA membership during the event may accumulate CPY points from a CPY event. Players are responsible for verifying current status and joining or renewing if needed. Status and renewal will be managed by the Secretary.
• To be listed as a participating CPY event, organizers will pay a $15 per event in advance. Additional funding from membership fees, state championship net, donations.
• CPY tournaments from 2013 will be offered first choice for listing in each region.
• Competition is open to all MECA members in any tournament section.
• CPY points are awarded for tournament scores plus tournament games played or forced byes; no points are awarded for requested bye
• Players may play in as many CPY tournaments as they wish
• Players may use the best tournament score results from any 8 CPY events in which they play.
• Players may accumulate additional game points only toward their CPY score if playing in more than 8 CPY tournaments. This recognizes the original intent of the competition to promote participation
• Any event that is not 4 rounds will be prorated to equal a 4 round event (except the Maine State Championship which will be 5 rounds).
• Redistribute prize fund to include $100/1st, $50/2nd $25/ each for B, C, D+under (plus certificates)
• A traveling trophy will be presented to the first place winner to hold for the following year, and the winner's name will be added to the trophy. A printed certificate will also be prepared and sent by the secretary.

Redistribute $225 prize fund to include class awards: 1st overall/$100 2nd/$50 B/$25 C/$25 D+/$25
CPY events must be reserved in advance by organizer payment of $15 fee to MECA and designating dates
Adult membership would be required to play in any CPY event; scholastic could be optional
Tournament organizer would be responsible for collecting membership fee & receive $2 of each fee collected

Draft letter to TDs asking about $15/event
Require membership at all CPY tournaments
Phil suggests retaining current membership fee collected by each organizer w/ $2 per new or renewing membership going to TD; scholastic membership would be optional if player wishes to be in CPY
Andy suggests using calendar year membership of $10 full year and $6 after jun 30

6. Elections
Lee will ask Dan to post a web notice request for MECA policy board candidates
Andy will run as board member if necessary but not as president
Lee will run as secretary
Phil will run as board member (would consider president if no other candidates come forward)
Barry will run as board member
Ron will run as board member
Lee will send a note to Andrey & Dan asking their intentions

7. Other items
Lee >> is it worth the effort & expense to maintain current IRS non-profit status
Barry said we should explore ways for local organizers to use our N/P status to get donations from local merchants for items to be used at tournaments

Barry >> suggests local organizers contact local merchants to see if they would donate/sponsor something to support chess activity (such as day-old baked goods provided at tournaments) w/ ackn letter from secretary & guidelines for use
Barry suggests publishing more reports/activities of MECA & have Dan track the # of viewing clicks


Revised & submitted 10/22/2013
Lee Doucette, Secretary


I live in Millinocket and would like to start playing chess once again. I moved here from the Chicago area about 11 years ago and have found it difficult to find chess players here. I'm 70 years young and would like to get back into the chess mix once again. Thank you

Hi Mel,
Check out the events link and the clubs link on --Dan

thank for your work.
the event with Joel Johnson was fantastic and enriching experience and well attended, 13 tables. Bought his book the one about club member styles and errors. More more like this please....!

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