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St. Valentine's Day Massacre Quads

February 27, 2012

Twelve players participated in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Quads held at the University of Maine in Orono on February 12, 2012. This resulted in a neat grouping of three sets of four: Quad 1 (USCF 2005-1602) won by Todd Snyder, Quad 2 (USCF 1632-1024) won by Max Berube, and Quad 3 (USCF 906-591) won by Patrick Coyne.

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2012 Girls Scholastic default!

February 21, 2012

Woody Allen said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." That adage rang true for Haley DeLuca Lowell who arrived at the 2012 Maine Scholastic Girls Championship to find herself registered as the only competitor in the field! Like Anatoly Karpov, who, in 1975, was declared world champion when Bobby Fischer did not show up to defend his title, DeLuca Lowell was declared the winner by default. Also like Karpov, DeLuca Lowell has proved herself a worthy title holder--she shared first place in the 2010 event, and, with a live USCF rating of 1072, she is currently the highest-rated female scholastic player in the state.

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IM's Vigorito and Sarkar tie at Saco Open

February 21, 2012

International Masters David Vigorito and Justin Sarkar topped a strong field scoring 3.5 points and tieing for first place at the Saco Open played on February 4-5, 2012 at the Hampton Inn in Saco. Trailing the leaders in the open section were Jarod Bryan (playing in his first USCF-rated tournament since 2006) and Joshua Quint each scoring 2.5 points. Donald Plummer won the U1750 section with 3.5 points. This event, possibly the first FIDE-rated event ever played in Maine, attracted twenty-seven players.

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