The Best of 2011

12.31.11 Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? On the contrary, in fact, the calendar indicates the time is nigh for The Best of annual year-end retrospective of all things chess in Maine for 2011.

What's on your scoresheet? The Best of 2011!

Keeping pace with the record-setting year that was 2010, players and directors in Maine again participated in forty-seven USCF-rated events. To see crosstables of all USCF-rated tournaments played in Maine this year please click here.

Winningest Players

The top three winningest players in Maine for 2011 are a blueprint of 2010: Roger Morin, Steve Abrahams and Matthew Fishbein. For our purposes winning a section is considered a tournament win and credit is given to all players involved in a tie. Click on a player's name to view their USCF Member Detail page.

1. Roger Morin: 10 event wins

2. Steve Abrahams: 5 event wins

3. Matthew Fishbein: 4 event wins

Most Active Players

Here's the top three of Maine's most active players in 2011. Activity is defined as participation in USCF-rated tournaments both over-the-board and online. (The USCF currently hosts online quick-rated tournaments on their playing site World Chess Live.) You may recognize these players from the Winningest Player list. Click on the player's name to view their USCF Member Detail page.

1. Steve Abrahams 26 events

2. Matthew Fishbein 19 events

3. Roger Morin 16 events

State Champions

Congratulations to all of our 2011 Maine State Chess Champions! To see the names of all Maine state champions since 1942 please click here.

Maine State Champion Alan Schalk

High School Champion Keji Xu

Girls Champion Bethany Humphrey

K-8 Champion Matthew Fishbein

K-6 Champion Eric Youth

K-3 Champion Itai Boss

Winners in the High School Championship section, Cheverus High School (left to right): Conner Maines, Cam Prescott, Pat Jerome, Ethan Bergeron and Zach Dulac

Winners in the Junior High School Championship section, Deer Isle-Stonington: (left to right): Bethany Humphrey, coach Dick Powell, Cameron Wendell, Isaac Vaughn, Alyssa Chesney, Krisford Melanio, Philomena Mattes, Reid Bartlett and Cody Eaton

Winners in the K-6 Championship section, Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners (left to right standing): Soozin Cha, Ben Penfold, Orly Vaughn, Kylee Atwood, coach Dick Powell, Tyson Rice and Oscar Mattes; (left to right kneeling): Addie McDonald, Colby Haskel, Mason Oliver, Kinsey Bartlett, Ashlin Savage and Avery Reynolds.

Winners in the K-3 Championship section, Deer Isle-Stonington (left to right): Rylee Eaton, Cameron Stewart, Ben Penfold, Kaylee Morey, Gifford Proper, Cole Stuart, Myles Brown and Andrew Pappianne

Maine Chess Player of the Year

In a race that came down to the final tournament Roger Morin outlasted Lance Beloungie to take first place in the 2011 Maine Chess Player of the Year Competition. Congratulations to both Morin and Beloungie and to all who participated in this year-long event.

Roger Morin Wins 2011 Maine Chess Player of the Year Competition

Most Popular Stories of 2011 has surpassed 250,000 hits since its inception on March 11, 2006-- Based on web traffic to the site this year we've determined the following stories as the most popular of 2011. Take a second look, they're worth the read!

1. Alam Schalk Wins State Championship

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3. Matthew Fishbein: Maine's Newest Chess Expert!

4. Scholastic Individual Championships Tournament Report

5. Joe Brown Memorial Tournament Report

Biggest Upsets

Congratulations to the winners of the biggest upset games played in Maine in 2011. Losers take heart: a strong player must loose many, many games in the crucible of improvement.

Here are the top ten biggest upsets in USCF-rated play in Maine for 2011:

1. Nicholas Kawamura (302) over Bill Gallagher (1469) = 1167 points, Bangor Blitz Champonship

2. Andy Chan (276) over Craig Fournier (1152) = 876 points, 1st U1200 Houlton Open

3. Zach Hamilton (742) over Rob Shore (1541) = 799 points, Bangor Blitz Championship

4. Deanna Power (849) over Rob Shore (1541) = 692 points, Bangor Blitz Championship

5. Haley DeLuca Lowell (923) over Rob Shore (1541) = 618 points, Bangor Blitz Championship

6. Josh Audibert (716) over Andrew Seavey (1305) = 589 points, MLK 2011

7. Curt Brock (1634) over Douglas Grant (2216) = 582 points, York County Open

8. Haley DeLuca Lowell (923) over Yuri Riabkov (1501) = 578 ponts, Bangor Blitz Championship

9. Dan DeLuca (1306) over Steve Abrahams (1876) = 570 points, Bangor Blitz Championship

10. Zach Hamilton (742) over Dan DeLuca (1306) = 564 points, Bangor Blitz Championship

Tournament Directors

Maine had thirteen active tournament directors in 2011. To determine the most active tournament directors, we used a summation of three factors: number of tournaments directed, number of sections directed and number of players served. Based on this criteria the following tournament directors are listed based on their directing activity in Maine for 2011. Thanks to all TDs in Maine for their hard work, dedication and service to the Maine chess community.

1. Andy Bryan: 8 events, 15 sections, 160 players = 183

2. Phil Lowell: 7 events, 12 sections, 163 players = 182

3. Steve Abrahams: 7 events, 20 sections, 142 players = 169

4. Dan DeLuca: 6 events, 12 sections, 147 players = 165

5. Steve Wong: 4 events, 12 sections, 143 players = 159

6. Roger Morin: 10 events, 14 sections, 71 players = 95

7. Lee Doucette: 3 events, 3 sections, 72 players = 78

8. Brian Roderick: 4 events, 6 sections, 32 players = 42

9. Dan Keliher: 2 events, 3 sections, 28 players= 33

10. Akagi Kayashima: 4 events, 7 sections, 17 players = 28

11. Tom Sandford: 1 event, 2 sections, 19 players = 22

12. Barry Magda: 2 events, 4 sections, 12 players = 18

13. Lois Morin: 1 event, 1 section, 8 players = 10

MECA Elections

As 2011 comes to a close Maine Chess Association members have elected a slate of officers and policy board members. We wish these folks luck and extend our thanks to them for volunteering their time and energy to MECA.

Maine Chess Association Officers

President Andy Bryan

Vice President Dan DeLuca

Secretary Lee Doucette

Treasurer Andrey Savov

Maine Chess Association Policy Board

Dan Keliher

Ron Lewis

Phil Lowell

Barry Magda

Thanks to all who have made 2011 a great year for chess in Maine!


Thanks to you Dan for doing all this sterling work. Maine is indeed fortunate to have this record of its chess history.

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