Anticipation...and a Challenge

12.21.11 The by now famous Best of end of the year review will be coming to a computer screen near you soon. While our legions of bean counters pore over reams of statistical data separating the wheat from the chaff, we encourage you to take a crack at this composed problem of retrograde analysis. If it's too easy, don't despair, we've got plenty more of the fiendishly maddening variety.

The Best of 2011! Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

What was White's last move?


HI : This is way too easy but its the first problem so I assume the difficulty factor will increase .

e5 +++ is the only move that clears the h1-a8 diagonal and delivers checkmate .

Happy Holidays

black's last move had to be with a r-n or q to a8 and so a pawn on b7 captured on a8 mate

P E5


bxa8...either a r-n-or q...can't be a b

White pawn on a7 captures black piece on a8. Checkmate!


1. e5#

Thank you, dan


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