IM David Vigorito Lecture and Simul in South Portland

07.12.11 International Master and author David Vigorito gave a chess lecture and simultaneous chess exhibition at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland on July 9, 2011. He lectured on one of his recent games in the King's Indian and then played fourteen simultaneous games of which he won twelve and drew two. The two drawn games were played by Matthew Fishbein and Dan DeLuca.

IM David Vigorito gave a lecture one of his games in the King's Indian at Southern Maine Community College on July 9, 2011.

International Master David Vigorito (USCF 2548) was the 2007 Massachusetts Champion. He has also been the state champion of New Hampshire and Nevada. In 2009 IM Vigorito was New England Co-Champion and has played in the U.S. Chess Championship in 2006 and 2008. IM Vigorito is also sucessful chess author--his most recent two books are Attacking Chess: The King's Indian Volumes 1 and 2. In 2010, he both played for and managed the U.S. Chess League's New England Nor'easters. The team won the championship in their inaugural year breaking several records along the way. IM Vigorito is an active chess coach for students of all ages and levels and has taught in schools in Massachusetts, Nevada and New Jersey.

After a very entertaining and informative lecture on some new ideas in the King's Indian and a book signing IM Vigorito entertained fourteen hopeful players in a simultaneous chess exhibition. The players (listed in USCF rating order) were: Steve Morgan (2047), Matthew Fishbein (1974), Phil Lowell (1839), * (1684), Curt Brock (1630), Jon Malev (1623), Max Berube (1569), Lee Doucette (1438), Dan DeLuca (1400), Dan Fishbein (1246), Bill Loring (1246), Charles Rotmil (1118), Dan Keliher (1116) and John Morgan (656).

Phil Lowell and * were, respectively, the first and last to fall. Many interesting games and well-fought battles ensued with only two players (Matthew Fishbein and Dan DeLuca) managing to hold on for draws. Fishbein's game was a consistent grind in which the IM felt he was equal or better for most of the game. DeLuca's game was a wildly ocillating affair with both players having winning postions at different times in the game. After missing a mate in three and down a rook, Vigorito repeated the position, DeLuca cooperated and the two shook hands agreeing to a draw on move 42.

This event, organized and directed by with assistance from the Maine Chess Association and the Portland Chess Club, was a huge success and we look forward to similar events in the future.

Here are four games from the simul:

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IM Vigorito gave a very interesting and entertaining lecture on ideas in the King's Induian.

An expert on the King's Indian for both sides, IM Vigorito has authored two books on the subject: Attacking Chess: The King's Indian Volumes 1 and 2.

Simul players taking in the lecture before the games start.

After the lecture, Matthew Fishbein and IM Vigorito chat about ideas in the King's Indian.

Let the games begin!

Curt Brock prepares to do battle.

IM Vigorito makes his first move in his game vs Bill Loring 1.c4.

Max Berube contemplates his defense to 1. e4 while Lee Doucette greets the master.

There was plenty of head scratching to go around; as IM Vigorito himself stated there were many tough games.

Max Berube, Lee Doucette, Frank DiRenzo and Charles Rotmil doing their level best to keep the master at bay.

From left to right: Bill Loring, Dan Keliher, Steve Morgan, John Morgan (not pictured), Phil Lowell, Curt Brock and Jon Malev do the same.

The Cape Elizabeth contingent from left to right: Dan Fishbein, * and Matthew Fishbein.

IM Vigorito makes a move on Frank DiRenzo's board while Charles Rotmil looks on.

Charles Rotmil and the International Master

Im Vigorito plays move 18. Rfe1 in his game vs Dan DeLuca.

Steve (left) and John Morgan aren't looking too confident after 55. h8=Q.

After a triple repeat of position IM Vigorito and Dan DeLuca shake on the draw.


As always, outstanding photographic skills. The photographer has captured the essence and spirit of the day!

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