Four Tie at Fifth Annual Championship

07.05.11 The Fifth Annual Championship was contested at Colby College in Waterville on June 19th, 2011. Twenty-four players competed in the two section, G/75 event. A four-way tie for first in the Open section resulted between Alan Schalk, Roger Morin, John Gaspar and Philip Lowell each scoring 3.0 points in four rounds. Lee Doucette took first in the U1550 section and Dennis Lemieux and Isaiah Fallon were the top scoring players rated under 1250.

Thanks to all who participated in the Fifth Annual Championship at Colby College on June 19th, 2011.

Both Alan Schalk and Phil Lowell scored two wins and two draws to put up 3.0 points. Roger Morin and John Gaspar took a different course (three wins and a loss) but the result was the same (3.0 points). Trailing the lead pack with 2.5 points was John Phythyon and a group of seven players scoring 2.0 points including: Darrell Salisbury, Lance Beloungie, Curt Brock, Keji Xu, Max Berube, Glenn Snyder and Isaac Marnik. In the combined U1550 and U1250 sections, Lee Doucette rose to the top with 3.5 points. Doucette was followed by a cadre of players scoring 2.0 points: Kathy Richards, Collin Calhoun, Dennis Lemieux and Isaiah Fallon. Lemieux and Fallon tied for first as top-scoring U1250 players.

This event was orgainized and directed by Dan DeLuca. Thanks to Colby College for again hosting the Championship.

USCF Crosstable of this Event

And the winners are: Alan Schalk

Roger Morin

John Gaspar and...

Phil Lowell

John Phythyon was the sole 2.5 point getter in the Open section.

The list of players scoring 2.0 points included Darrell Salisbury...

Lance Beloungie

Curt Brock

Keji Xu

Max Berube

Glenn Snyder

and Isaac Marnik.

Rob Shore

Yuri Riabkov

Maine Chess Association President Andy Bryan

Steve Kaluzynski

Lee Doucette won the combined U1550/U1250 section with 3.5 points.

Brian Roderick had a fine day with 3.0 points his only loss being to the section winner Lee Doucette.

Kathy Richards posted 2.0 points as did...

Colin Calhoun

Denis Lemieux

and Isaiah Fallon.

Gheorghe Teodorescu scored 1.0 point and...

Haley DeLuca Lowell scored 0.5 points on a draw with the section winner.

The final round game between Alan Schalk and Phil Lowell resulted in a draw and secured equal first for both players.

The top board, final round game in the U1550 section: Lee Doucette (left) and Kathy Richards.

Action in the U1500 section (counter clockwise from lower right: Gheorghe Teodorescu, Lee Doucette, Haley DeLuca Lowell, Dennis Lemieux, Kathy Richards and Isaiah Fallon.

Colin Calhoun (left) considers his position during his game with Brian Roderick.

Haley DeLuca Lowell (right) plays Dennis Lemieux in the final round of the U1550 section.

Co-Champion Phil Lowell checks the results wall between rounds.

Top U1250 scores in the U1550 section: Dennis Lemieux (left) and Isaiah Fallon.

Thanks again to Colby College for hosting the event.

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