Bethany Humphrey Wins Girls State Championship

03.16.11 Deer Isle-Stonington seventh grader Bethany Humphrey won the 2011 Scholastic State Championship for Girls played at the University of Maine in Orono on March 12th, 2011 with a perfect score of 3.0 points in three games. Jackie Rebman of Piscatiquis Community Middle School finished first in the U600 section. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

Tournament winner Bethany Humphrey (foreground right) plays Haley DeLuca Lowell while Anna Bryan (background right) takes on Deanna Power in the last round of the Championship section of the 2011 Scholastic State Championship for Girls.

All four girls in the Championship section of the tournament were rated within forty-two USCF rating points of each other so it was anyone's guess who would emerge in first. Bethany Humphrey proved superior with three fine wins over challenging competition. Deanna Power, a senior at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor finished second with 2.0 points and Haley DeLuca Lowell (1.0 point) and Anna Bryan (0.0 points) rounded out the field.

In the U600 section, Jackie Rebman of Piscatiquis Community Middle School took first with 4.0 points over last year's U600 winner Meagan Weeks who tied for second place with Deer Isle-Stonington second grader Rylee Eaton each scoring 3.0 points. Ilianna Kahn, Catherine Rudnicki and Kristen Weeks tied for fourth with 2.0 points. Josephine Freccero scored 1.5 points for seventh place. Sydney Saunders and Erin Gerbi both scored 1.0 point and Isabel Kelly posted one draw to finish with 0.5 points.

This tournament was organized and directed by Dan DeLuca with assistance from Andy Bryan, Tom Sandford, Dick Powell and Kathy Richards. Thanks to all who participated.

USCF Crosstable of this Event

Tournament winner Bethany Humphrey on her way to a perfect 3.0 points in three games.

Second place went to Deanna Power who scored 3.0 points.

Haley DeLuca Lowell took third.

Former K-3 State Champion Anna Bryan couldn't get it started and finished scoreless this time around.

Winners all in the Championship section (left to right): Deanna Power (2nd), Bethany Humphrey (1st), Haley DeLuca Lowell (3rd) and Anna Bryan (4th).

U600 section winner: Jackie Rebman

Second grader Rylee Eaton turned in an amazing 3.0 point performance to tie for second with...

...Meagan Weeks.

Illianna Kahn

Catherine Rudnicki

Kristen Weeks

Josephine Freccero

Sydney Saunders

Erin Gerbi

Isabel Kelly

U600 players (left to right): Meagan Weeks (equal 2nd), Jackie Rebman (1st) and Kristen Weeks (6th).

Catherine Rudnicki (left) (equal 4th) and Rylee Eaton (equal 2nd)

(left to right): Ilianna Kahn (equal 4th), Sydney Saunders (equal 8th) and Isabel Kelly (10th) with coach Russell Kahn

Board numbers were adorned with images of the top five female players in the world. (Do you know each of their names?)

Dick Powell (left) and Andy Bryan get in a little skittles.

Spring-in-waiting on UMaine Orono's campus

Answer (left to right): Judit Polgar (Hungary), Humpy Koneru (India), Yifan Hou (China), Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia) and Nadezhda Kosintseva (Russia)


Congratulations to Bethany and Jackie!

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