Final Reports from the SuperNationals

04.06.08 We have two reports in this update on the Maine scholastic players competing at the SuperNationals. The first after five rounds and the second after the closing ceremony. Congratulations to all of the Maine players! You represented Maine Chess very well!

The Opryland Hotel in Nashville, site of the 2009 SuperNationals

SuperNationals Pairings and Results

From Dan Fishbein

Nashville, April 5: Yesterday was the toughest day at the SuperNationals, as the kids play three rounds, each of which can last for two or more hours. The last round started at 7 PM, and lasted well into the night. Despite the very challenging schedule, the Maine contingent continued to perform well here in Nashville, racking up an impressive 70.5 wins over the toughest scholastic competition in the nation. After five rounds 14 Mainers were in contention for individual trophies, and three of the six Maine teams competing were very much in the thick of it for team trophies. Rounds six and seven are played at 9 AM and 2 PM today Central time, and are sure to bring some great results for Maine's kids! Details on each player and teams' results are below. Some further observations based on my wanderings around the tournament site: Diversity: One of the first things that strikes you anytime you look around is the amount of diversity here- diversity of nationalities, racial diversity, languages spoken, geographies represented and economics. Everywhere you go you hear lots of different languages, including a fair amount of Russian. There are teams here from virtually every state. There are teams representing the most expensive private schools in the country, and teams from inner city public schools in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Philadelphia, DC, Miami and more. The "Panda Pawns" from Chinatown in Manhattan are notable in their red shirts with pandas and chess pieces. There is a huge contingent from Brownsville, Texas and surrounding areas along the Mexican border where chess is a passion. There are teams from private Christian Schools, Catholic High Schools and Jewish day schools. People wearing turbans and saris. And everyone is making friends with everyone. This is another aspect of the great experience this tournament provides to the kids (and their parents!) The Biosphere: If you've never seen the Opryland Resort it's hard to describe. There are three massive glass covered atriums that connect the many seven story hotel buildings, filled with rivers, boats, forests, restaurants, small buildings (which inexplicably have rain gutters, even through there is a glass roof towering 100+ feet above them.) Some of the parents have taken to calling this the biosphere. When you walk "outside" it is always 72 and a bit humid. You actually forget that you are inside. At night the place is reminiscent of one of those Sci-Fi movies where people have colonized Mars under a glass domed city. The Ages: There are five massive playing halls, and it is fascinating to see the range of "cultures" in and around each hall. In the K-1 room is an abundance of cuteness, and a special area across the hall for the nervous parents (not to mention a fair number of 5 and 6 year olds who would defeat me in a game of chess! ) In the Elementary hall, 2,800 kids from age 7 to 12 are playing. Toward the back of the room are the younger unrated kids, mostly younger brothers and sisters of rated players. To watch them dutifully notating (usually every other move) is quite the sight. The back of the hall empties out in the first 30 minutes or so as many of the games move along briskly. By the one hour mark, there are generally only games going on at the very front of the room, but some widely scattered games throughout the room of kids who really know how to use a clock! Parents are banned from the room for the first 15 minutes, and then limited seating behind ropes is available. Outside, teams' parents gather, and every time one of their kids comes out, win or lose, they let out a big cheer that can be heard in the room. The huge lobby area also features dozens of games of chess being played on the carpet, and plenty of catch and Nintendo DS too. Over in the two Junior High halls things are a bit more subdued. The rooms are not quite as big, and parents can walk down a massive center aisle to watch the games. There is less running and playing, and more of the games last longer. Then comes the high school section. Serious! The top 4 boards are at the front of the room, on a stage, and each player has a sign in front of them with their titles- IM, FM, etc. There are demo boards set up to show the spectators the status of each game. Role Reversal: In this event, at least in the elementary sections, parents and kids completely change roles. The kids are the centers of attention, and they are the ones conducting business. The parents are here as the sidekicks. Before each round, it is funny to see doctors, lawyers, business executives, teachers, etc. in the role of kid assistant. Our role is to sharpen pencils, take out clocks, and generally make sure the stars have what they need. Also, it's the parents who have to be told to be quiet when they start making too much noise. Don't tell the kids this, but it's actually kind of a nice break to be "just" a sidekick!


High School Championship

Aaron Spencer (John Bapst, 1624): 3.0
Zachary Smith (John Bapst, 1322): 2.0
Gabe Borland (Orono HS, 1484): 2.0
Ryan Vienneau (Orono HS, 1242): 1.5
Margaret Bryan (John Bapst, 1376): 1.0
Sorel Edes (Orono HS, 1180): 0.5
John Bapst HS: 35th place
Orono HS: 44th place

K-5 Championship

Matthew Fishbein (Cape Elizabeth, 1537): 3.5

K-12 U1600

Kurt Eyerer (John Bapst, 1297): 2.0

K-12 U800

Daniel Honeycutt (John Bapst, 728): 4.0
Omar Khan (John Bapst, 616): 3.0
John Bapst HS: 23rd place

K-12 Unrated

Deanna Power (John Bapst, Unr): 2.0

K-9 U1250 Anthony Freccero (Cape Elizabeth, 1184): 3.5
Wesley Parker (Cape Elizabeth, 1187): 3.0
Brett Parker (Cape Elizabeth, 1075): 3.0
Sam Grindle (Deer Isle, 1068): 3.0
Matthew Reale-Hatem (Cape Elizabeth, 933): 2.0
Cape Elizabeth: 10th place

K-8 U1000

Hayden Ciomei (Deer Isle, 876): 3.5
Andrew Turner (Deer Isle, 927): 3.0
Connor Morey (Deer Isle, 841): 2.5
Chelsea Brown (Deer Isle, 703): 1.0
Deer Isle-Stonington: 15th place

K-8 U750
Nathan Davis (Deer Isle, 622): 4.0
Nick Eaton (Deer Isle, 630): 3.0
Bethany Humphrey (Deer Isle, 624): 3.0
Ivan Zembrusky (Deer Isle, 533): 2.5
Tyler Bartlett (Deer Isle, 440): 2.0
Whitney Brown (Deer Isle, 100): 2.0
Alec Eaton (Deer Isle, 204): 1.0
Sasha Zembrusky (Deer Isle, 127): 1.0
Deer Isle-Stonington: 9th place

K-6 U 1000

Anna Bryan (Airline School, 801): 3.0

Nashville, April 5: The last day here in Nashville was hectic and pressure-filled and the pivotal Rounds 6 and 7 were played. When the dust settled, the Maine contingent had earned 7 trophies. The top scoring Mainer was Matthew Fishbein of Cape Elizabeth, who won both his games today to reach 5.5, and take the 16th place trophy in the K-5 Championship Section. His final game lasted a tense 3 1/2 hours, during which he bested a significantly higher rated Christopher Yang of Pennsylvania. The Cape Elizabeth K-9 U1200 team took the 8th place trophy in a field of 58 teams. Team members Wesley Parker and Anthony Freccero each earned Tied for 25th trophies by scoring 5.0. The Deer Isle-Stonington K-8 U750 team won the 9th place trophy in its 52 team field. Team members Bethany Humphrey and Nathan Davis each scored 5.0, but missed Tied for 25th trophies by the tiniest margin- the 5.0 scores started with #26. The Deer Isle-Stonington K-8 U1000 team tied for 9th, but finished just barely out of the trophies in 11th on tie breaks. Team member Hayden Ciomei earned a Tied For 20th trophy with a score of 5.0. Anna Bryan of Airline Community School earned a Tied for 25th trophy in the K-6 U1000 section with a 5.0. She had several 3 to 4 hour games, and was a relentless competitor with four wins, two draws and only one loss. (Dad Andy remarked "She's my hero!") On behalf of the 25 Maine adults here in Nashville as mere sidekicks to the kids, YOU MADE US PROUD!


High School Championship

Aaron Spencer (John Bapst, 1624): 3.5
Zachary Smith (John Bapst, 1322): 3.0
Gabe Borland (Orono HS, 1484): 2.5
Margaret Bryan (John Bapst, 1376): 2.0
Ryan Vienneau (Orono HS, 1242): 1.5
Sorel Edes (Orono HS, 1180): 0.5
John Bapst HS: 37th place
Orono HS: 48th place

K-5 Championship

Matthew Fishbein (Cape Elizabeth, 1537): 5.5 Winner 16th Place Trophy

K-12 U1600

Kurt Eyerer (John Bapst, 1297): 3.0

K-12 U800Daniel Honeycutt (John Bapst, 728): 4.0
Omar Khan (John Bapst, 616): 4.0
John Bapst HS: 33rd place

K-12 Unrated

Deanna Power (John Bapst, Unr): 3.0

K-9 U1250

Wesley Parker (Cape Elizabeth, 1187): 5.0 Winner Tied For 25th Trophy
Anthony Freccero (Cape Elizabeth, 1184): 5.0 Winner Tied For 25th Trophy
Brett Parker (Cape Elizabeth, 1075): 4.0
Sam Grindle (Deer Isle, 1068): 4.0
Matthew Reale-Hatem (Cape Elizabeth, 933): 2.5
Cape Elizabeth- Winner 8th Place Team Trophy

K-8 U1000

Hayden Ciomei (Deer Isle, 876): 5.0 Winner Tied For 20th Trophy
Andrew Turner (Deer Isle, 927): 4.5
Connor Morey (Deer Isle, 841): 3.0
Chelsea Brown (Deer Isle, 703): 2.0
Deer Isle-Stonington- 11th Place

K-8 U750

Bethany Humphrey (Deer Isle, 624): 5.0
Nathan Davis (Deer Isle, 622): 5.0
Nick Eaton (Deer Isle, 630): 4.0
Ivan Zembrusky (Deer Isle, 533): 3.5
Alec Eaton (Deer Isle, 204): 3.0
Tyler Bartlett (Deer Isle, 440): 2.0
Sasha Zembrusky (Deer Isle, 127): 2.0
Whitney Brown (Deer Isle, 100): 2.0
Deer Isle-Stonington- Wiiner 9th Place Trophy

K-6 U 1000

Anna Bryan (Airline School, 801): 5.0 Winner Tied For 25th Trophy

From Andy Bryan

The fifth round started out better in the high school section before ending on a downside. Looking toward the successes first, Maine High School champ Gabe Borland won his second game in a swift fashion, Deanna Power did the same, and Aaron Spencer defeated Californian Charles Sun (1859) very methodically. Unfortunately Daniel Honeycutt lost for the first time in five rounds and his teammate Omar Khan (3.0) also fell in rd 5. The ratings followed form with the other secondary school players. Maggie Bryan lost to Ohioan Trey Modlin (1803), Zach Smith lost to Vikas Kumar (1699) of Tennessee, and Kurt Eyerer fell to Texan Christopher Pena (1571). Ryan Vienneau moved to 1.5 with a victory as Sorel Edes stayed at 0.5. They all seemed positive and happy to be here. Go get 'em tomorrow high schoolers!

Anna Bryan from the Airline gained another half point with a draw (3.0).

Deer Isle-Stonington early results from Hayden Ciomei, Sam Grindle, and Bethanny Humphrey landed in the positive column. I'll have more in the morning.

Unable to get all results but I do have some. Cape Elizabeth had a good round in the K9U1250 section gaining 2.5 points and poising themselves for a run at some hardware in the final round. Wesley Parker and Anthony Freccero each have 4.0 points while Brett Parker (3.5) and Matthew Reale-Hatem (2.5) complete their scoring.

In the K-12 section John Bapst had a difficult round with only Deanna Power's win and Aaron Spencer's draw are the only positives to report so far.

Anna Bryan continues her strong play in the K6U1000 section as she climbed to 4.0 with another win over a higher ranked opponent.

Final round complete and here's a partial report on players' final point totals.

Hayden Ciomei, Nathan Davis, and Bethanny Humphrey of DI-S finished with 5.0 points. Wesley Parker and Anthony Freccero also scored 5.0 for Cape Elizabeth. Anna Bryan joined this contingent in another marathon affair with only Matthew Fishbein's last round game still in progress for the Mainers.

Final results and report will be done after awards ceremony tonight.

The high school group may not have come home with hardware but their effort against daunting competition was commendable. Led by Aaron Spencer in the Championship Section with 3.5 points, the John Bapst team totaled 8.5 for a 37th place finish out of 50 teams. Zach Smith and Maggie Bryan both won their last round games to finish on an upbeat note. Smith was particularly pleased with his three points and the decision to play in the Championship Section. His three wins included two over 1600 players and one over a 1700. The Orono team found the competition very tough garnering 4.5 points over the seven rounds. Gabe Borland scored 2.5 to lead the way. In other high school sections Kurt Eyerer scored 3.0 in U1600, Dan Honeycutt and Omar Khan scored 4.0 in U800, and Deanna Power scored 3.0 in the Unrated section. It was a great learning experience for all.

The two Maine students competing in the Elementary sections both brought home hardware. Matthew Fishbein led all players from the state by scoring 5.5 points and finishing 16th which placed him ahead of Susan Polgar's son Tommy who played in the same K5 Championship section. Anna Bryan, competing in the K6U1000 section scored 5.0 points and tied for 18th that earned her a T-25th place trophy. Fittingly Matthew and Anna were the last Mainers playing in the last round with both securing wins.

The Jr. High Sections brought the most success and trophies. Deer Isle-Stonington finished 9th in the K-8 U750 section and 11th in the K-8 U1000 section. Hayden Ciomei received a trophy for his 5.0 showing and 24th place position, but DI-S as usual was propelled by their depth and consistent performance. Great job, Mariners! The other coastal team (albeit from the southern coast of Maine) Cape Elizabeth secured an 8th place trophy behind the stellar efforts of Wes Parker and Anthony Freccero's scores of 5.0 a piece in the K9 U1250 section. Terrific performance, Capers!


It was nice to see the support that each of the different schools & levels gave each other. And, as always,the coverage was superb-thanks to Dan Fishbein & Andy Bryan in the absence of Dan DeLuca on site! Good job Maine!!!

A great report and a sincere congratulations to all the young particpants. Well done

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