St. Valentine's Day Massacre Tournament Report

02.10.09 Thirty players turned out for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Chess Tournament on Saturday, February 7, 2009. (Room availability took precedence this year over historical accuracy.) The format was six quads and a six-player swiss each player playing three games at game in 60 minutes.

Rudy Ponder looks on as Eli Spahn and Deanna Power play in Round 3 of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Chess Tournament at UMaine Orono on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

This tournament was organized and directed by Tom Sandford who also contributed to this report.

The prize winners were:
Quad 1: Roger Morin (2.5) and Lucas McCain (2.5)
Quad 2: Rudy Saarheim (3.0)
Quad 3: Akagi Kayashima (3.0)
Quad 4: Gabe Borland (2.5)
Quad 5: Kris Fecteau (2.0) and Jiawei Zou (2.0)
Quad 6: Yuri Riabkov (3.0)

Top Scorers in the six-player swiss were: David Ngo (3.0), John Kenneway (2.0) and Rudy Ponder (2.0).

St. Valentine's Day Massacre Chess Tournament Crosstable

Roger Morin (right) and Todd Snyder do a post-mortem after Morin's win.

Todd Snyder-Roger Morin 0-1

Lucas McCain and Roger Peterson chat after their game in Quad 1.

Chess fashion! Roger Morin sports a beautiful chess motif shirt handmade by his wife.

Gregory Shields (left) on his way to winning his game vs Curt Brock.

Orono High School Coach Rudy Saarheim (left) and John Bapst High School student Aaron Spencer have a "discussion".

Quad 3: Fred Irons (left) plays the quad winner Akagi Kayashima.

Dan DeLuca (left) couldn't contain Nathaniel Bryans's strong play.

Gabe Borland (foreground left) plays Murray Bridges while Zach Smith (background left) takes on Daniel Robbins.

Quad 5 winners Jaiwei Zou (forground left) and Kris Fecteau (background right) play Ryan Vienneau (foreground right) and John Ellison (background left).

Quad 6 winner Yuri Riabkov (background left) plays Brian Roderick and Stephen Kaluzynski (forground left) takes on George Spahn.

Swiss winner David Ngo makes a move in his third round game vs. Rudy Ponder. The tournament's youngest competitor, Eli Spahn (background right), plays Deanna Power.

Langdon Holly of Waterville gets a draw in this K vs K + Knight skittles endgame.


A special congratulations to Rudy Saarheim on his performance propelling him to 12th place on the Maine rating list.

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