PVC High School Chess Leauge 2008-2009

12.02.08 The Penobscot Valley Conference High School Chess League's season is underway. The four high schools that participate in the league are: Bangor High School, Hampden Academy, John Bapst Memorial High School and Orono High School. Match 1 was played at Hampden Academy on Monday, December 1st. Here's the illustrated report with results.

Hampden Academy's Brad Melanson keeps a good attitude after his loss to Bangor's Keji Xu.

Thanks to Ben Johnson for contributing to this report.

You'll find Team Standings on sheet 1, Match Results on sheet 2 and Individual Standings on sheet 3 on the Individual and Team Results page in Microsoft Excel. If you don't have Excel you can download a free version of Excel Viewer here.

Top boards for Bangor Henry Chai (left) and Andrew Audibert concentrate (or not) on their games.

Zach Malloy from Hampden wonders how he will deal with White's passed pawns on the queenside.

Bangor's Kellon McDonald takes careful notation while his coach John Deering looks on.

Zach Smith (left) from John Bapst and Avery Cole (Orono) in deep thought.

Bapst player Kurt Eyerer surveys his position.

"Will the queens come off?" Ryan Vienneau from Orono High School

Margaret Byran and Bapst coach Yuri Riabkov look at one of her games.

Orono's Jon Robinson (right) and Dan Hunneycutt having a serious "discussion".

Orono coach Rudy Saarheim looks at a game with Gabe Borland (left) and Jaiwei Zou.

The 2008 - 2009 Penobscot Valley Conference High School Chess League Schedule

Each player will play two games, one with each color. Board one for the home team will play the white pieces with colors alternating through board numbers. Time control is Game in 45 and all games will begin at 3:00 p.m. JB = John Bapst Memorial High School, OHS = Orono High School, BHS = Bangor High School, HA = Hampden Academy

Monday, December 1st @ Hampden Academy: JB vs. OHS; BHS vs. HA
Monday, December 8th @ Bangor High School: HA vs. JB; OHS vs. BHS
Monday, December 15th@ Orono High School: HA vs. OHS; BHS vs. JB
Monday, January 5th @ John Bapst High School: HA vs. BHS; OHS vs. JB
Monday, January 12th @ Hampden Academy: BHS vs. Orono; JB vs. HA
Monday, January 26th @ Bangor High School: OHS vs. HA; JB vs. Bangor
Saturday, January 31st PVC Tournament @ Hampden Academy
Saturday, February, 7th Snow Date for PVC Tournament @ Hampdem Academy

Bangor High School

Hampden Academy

John Bapst Memorial High School

Orono High School

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