Mainers in USCF Top 100 Lists

06.07.08 Maine has four scholastic players in the USCF Top 100 Lists for June 2008. Lucas McCain (1816), Fritz Eyerer (1791), Matthew Fishbein (1363) and Margaret Bryan (1360) each cracked the list of the top 100 rated players in the nation for their age group.

Lucas McCain (1816) is the 66th highest rated sixteen-year-old in the U.S.

Fritz Eyerer (1791) is the 88th highest rated seventeen-year-old in the U.S.

Matthew Fishbein (1363) is the 98th highest rated ten-year-old in the U.S.

Margaret Bryan (1360) is the 93rd highest rated girl age sixteen and under in the U.S.

Our congratulations to these fine scholastic players!

June 2008 USCF Rating Lists

Top Sixteen-Year-Olds

Top Seventeen-Year-Olds

Top Ten-Year-Olds

Top Sixteen and Under Girls


This is the pay-off for all the efforts being put into the promotion & support for scholastic chess in Maine, especially by the Maine Chess Coaches Association and all of us who help support their efforts.

Congratulations to our young talented players, and a hearty thank you and well done to the scholastic coaches & organizers in Maine!

Lee Doucette
Secretary, Maine Chess Association

Wow! That is outstanding! We have quite the talent in this small area....thank you to all the coaches and support!

Outstanding, congratulations to all.

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