St. Valentine's Day Massacre Quads Tournament Report

02.19.08 Twenty-four players filled six quads just perfectly at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Quads Tournament played at the University of Maine, Orono on Saturday, February 16, 2008. Of the 24 players, only two blanked their opposition: Bangor High School student Keji Xu and Orono High School chess coach Fred Irons both scored 3-0 to take first in the fourth and second quads respectively.

Artwork in the Bumps Room at the University of Maine, Orono Memorial Union, the site of the 2008 St. Valentine's Day Massacre Quads.

Thanks to Tom Sandford for contributing to this report.

The winners (out of a total of three rounds) from each quad were:

1. Fritz Eyerer and Edward Hatch, 2.0
2. Fred Irons, 3.0
3. Henry Chai, 2.5
4. Keji Xu, 3.0
5. Ryan Vienneau 2.5
6. Anna Bryan, 2.5

Scholastic players distinguished themselves in this tournament. John Bapst's Fritz Eyerer tied
for first in Quad 1 with Ed Hatch. Bangor High School's player Henry Chai took first in Quad 3, while his teammate at Bangor, Keji Xu, took Quad 4. Orono's Ryan Vienneau outscored opponents in Quad 5 and Airline Community School's Anna Bryan took Quad 6 without a loss.

After recently lamenting his performances of late, Fred Irons was on fire in Quad 2. He scored fine wins over Michael Dudley, Murray Bridges and Andrew Galley. This may be the start of the resurgence Irons was looking for.

In the first quad, Fritz Eyerer played an interesting game with Ed Hatch. Hatch captured a poisoned pawn allowing Eyerer to eventually trap his queen.

This tournament, directed by UMO professor and faculty advisor to the George Cunningham Chess Club Tom Sandford, showcased some good chess all around.

USCF Crosstable of this event

Ed Hatch (right) takes on a tough customer in Quad 1. Hatch eventually won this game vs. Aaron Spencer and went on to tie for first with Fritz Eyerer.

Fred Irons (left) here playing Andrew Galley, streaked past the field in Quad 2 without a loss or draw.

Henry Chai (left) makes a move in his game vs. Francis Russell. Chai won two and tied with PVC League rival Zachary Smith to take first in Quad 3.

Keji Xu (right) on the move vs. Airline Community School chess coach Andrew Bryan.

Andrew Audibert's (left) knight proved to be better than J. Paul Ciarrocchi's bishop in this endgame.

Players in Quad 5 (clockwise from bottom left) Ryan Vienneau (winner with 2.5 points), Trey Russell and Jiawei Zou (both tied for third with 1.0 point) and Kurt Eyerer (second with 1.5 points).

John Kenneway (right) has a question for the TD during his game with Jessica Chen in Quad 6.


It was a great tourney; the St. Valentine's Massacre always is. That's why I made the 3 hour drive up to go!

And congrats to Fred on getting that 'resurgence'! He beat me pretty badly to get to it, too!

Thanks for the great report!

The photography on this website is superb! Keep up the good work!

Daryl DeLuca

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