Ed Hatch Repeats at Friday Night G/35

06.02.07 Ed Hatch has defined himself as the man to beat with his second undefeated, untied victory at the Friday Night G/35 tournament at The University of Maine, Orono, on Friday, June 1, 2007. Hatch reeled off six straight wins in his last two tournaments to go from USCF 1323 to USCF 1652. He has found both his winning stride and his winning time control. Congratulations Ed!

Ed Hatch wins another Friday Night G/35 tournament with a perfect 3-0.

The Friday Night G/35 tournament was an eight-player, three-round Swiss directed by Dan DeLuca.

USCF Crosstable of this Event

Ed Hatch (left) plays Brian Roderick in Round1.

Close but no cigar: Stevie Baston gave Ed Hatch a run for his money in the last round. Both players had 2 points and were playing for the title when Stevie's clock fell precariously low on time and finally expired to give Ed his second Friday Night G/35 victory in as many outings.

Paul Wlodkowski (left) makes a move vs J. Paul Ciarrrocchi. This tournament marked Wlodkowski's return to tournament chess after a twenty-three year hiatus!

Tom Sandford (right) plays the white pieces vs Orono Middle School student, Jiawei Zou.

Stevie Baston (left) considers the position during his game vs Max DeLuca Lowell.

Spring was in full bloom at the University of Maine, Orono.

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