Winter Warm-Up Tournament Report

02.25.07 The field for this year's Winter Warm-Up tournament, held at the All Saints School in Bangor on Saturday, February 24, 2007, consisted of thirty-six closely matched players. This was evidenced by multiple two- and three-way ties for first place in the K-12, K-8 and K-6 sections. In the Open section, Ghezai Menelik continued his winning streak finishing just half a point over his second place rival Curt Brock. The K-3 section winner was the tournament's only unbeaten and untied player, Max DeLuca Lowell.

All Saints School in Bangor, Maine the site of the 2007 Winter Warm-Up tournament

This was a four round Swiss style event with time control at Game in 60 for the Open and K-12 sections and Game in 45 for the K-8, K-6 and K-3 sections. The tournament was organized and directed by Steve Wong with assistance from Ed Rudnicki.

Crosstable Open Section

Crosstable K-12 Section

Crosstable K-8 Section

Crosstable K-6 Section

Crosstable K-3 Section

All Saints Winter Warm-Up
Bangor, Maine
February 24, 2007
Alba Briggs (1179) - Curt Brock (1335) 0-1
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All Saints Winter Warm-Up
Bangor, Maine
February 24, 2007
Aaron Spencer (1425) - Ghezai Menelik (1758) 1/2
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A handshake begins the championship round game between Brock MacDougal (left) and Ghezai Menelik that would determine the winner of the Open section.

Another handshake at the end of the game puts Menelik out of reach with 3.5 points.

Curt Brock went undefeated with two draws and two wins in the Open section to take clear second.

Tied for first in the K-12 section: Ryan Vienneau

Zach Smith also tied for first in the K-12 section

Finally, Lily Briggs who scored three points to (you guessed it) tie for first in the K-12 section

Another three-way tie for first ensued in the K-8 section between Zeb Coombs (left)

Nick Peterson and

Haley DeLuca Lowell.

Ezra Briggs tied for first with Brandon Terra in the K-6 section.

Max DeLuca Lowell is all smiles after winning the K-3 section outright with four points.

Cara Rudnicki staffing the snack bar.

K-12 players

K-8 players

K-6 players

K-3 players

Steve Wong organized and directed the tournament and hand made the trophies.

An example of Steve's craftmanship: handmade trophies for all scholastic players

Thanks to all who made this tournament great fun and a great success.


Max and Haley -
Great job! Max - you are on a roll!

Mikey Boy

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