World Championship: Game 6 Played and Drawn

10.02.06 The relief was palpable as Vladimir Kramnik approached the board, shook hands with his opponent, sat down and played 1. ...d5 to begin Game 6 of the World Chess Championship Match. After four days of tumultous uncertainty stemming from Topalov's accusations of cheating and continuing with Kramnik's refusal to play Game 5, it was great to see the FIDE Champion and the Classical Chess World Champion again push the pieces in this long-awaited reunification match. The drawn game was a fairly benign 31-move Slav

A handshake begins Game 6.

World Chess Championship Match Elista, Kalmikia 2006

Veselin Topalov vs Vladimir Kramnik

Current Match Score: Topalov 2.5 Kramnik 3.5

12 games played September 23 - October 13, 2006
All games begin at 7:00 a.m. Eastern

The games will be broadcast here via a LIVE Game Link. Watch Game 7 on Wednesday, October 4 at 7:00 a.m. Eastern. See REVISED full match schedule below.

Round 6 October 2, 2006
Veselin Topalov (2813) - Vladimir Kramnik (2743) 1/2

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A relieved President Ilyumzhinov tells the press the match is on.

Playing Round 6 under protest: Vladimir Kramnik

Veselin Topalov

Kramnik's letter of protest to FIDE President Ilyumzhinov:

To FIDE President H.E. Kirsan Iljumshinov
To the WCC Appeals Committee

On 2 October 2006 my manager received the following decision from FIDE:

’ÄúTomorrow, 2 October 2006, at 15.00, the 6th Game of the World Chess Championship Match a Topalov-Kramnik with the score 3:2 in favour of Kramnik, will take place.’Äù

Based on this decision I make the following statement:

I inform that I am ready to proceed playing the match by reserving all my rights. My further participation will be subject to the condition to clarify my rights regarding game five at later stage.

I do not agree with the decision made by FIDE and I formally protest against it. The decisions made on my requests, especially the resignation of the Appeals Committee, opening the toilets to the restrooms again, are chrystal clear admissions of FIDE of having taken a false decision. Logically FIDE admits herewith that it was a mistake to start game five by violating the rules and regulations of the competition and by changing the agreed playing rules and conditions during the match without my approval.

I deeply regret the unsportsmanlike and unequaled behaviour of my opponent whom FIDE donated a victory outside of the board by using dirty tricks.

High level functionaries inside FIDE once again were making the professional part of the chess world a disgraceful playground of their own interests. I strongly believe and hope that the course of these events made it obvious to everyone that drastic changes with regard to the professional management structures inside FIDE are evident.

By deciding just a couple of hours ago I had to assess between my personal interests and the interests of the entire chess world. It is very difficult to play under these circumstances. But I came to the conclusion to proceed under protest because I do not want to disappoint the overwhelming majority of the chess fans which are hoping for the unification since so many years.

I also had in mind the people of Kalmykia which are doing their utmost to organize this match on the highest level possible.

Last but not least I would like to thank very much for all the support I experienced during these days.

Elista, 2 October 2006
Vladimir Kramnik
Classical World Chess Champion

President Ilyumzhinov's letter to both players:

Elista, October, 2nd 2006

To the Participants of the
World Chess Championship Match
GM Veselin Topalov
GM Vladimir Kramnik

Dear Veselin, Dear Vladimir,

On behalf of the millions of admirers of your chess talent and the citizens of the Republic of Kalmykia, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thankfulness for your wisdom, flexibility and understanding of the current situation which were shown in your decision to continue the Match.

I am sure that this step would promote the further Unification of the Chess World and attraction of the new amateurs and fans all over the World.

I would like to wish you success and all the best!

Gens Una Sumus!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President

Open Letter of Support to Vladimir Kramnik from Grandmaster Colleagues

October 2, 2006

Dear Vladimir,

We are writing as a small group of Grandmasters, but we believe that we represent the views of the vast majority of our colleagues. We simply wanted to let you know that we think you have suffered a gross injustice, and that you have our support.

We appreciate that you are now under immense psychological pressure, and that it must be difficult to continue to play well in the context of such blatant bias, unfairness, and hostility.

Good luck in the days ahead. If you manage to win in these circumstances you will be a worthy champion indeed.

Best wishes,

GM Jonathan Rowson (Scotland)
GM Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark)
GM Magnus Carlsen (Norway)
GM Jan Gustafsson (Germany)
GM Tomi Nyback (Finland)
GM Luke McShane (England)
GM Loek Van Wely (Netherlands)

Please note the REVISED Match Schedule:

October 3 - rest day
October 4 - Game 7 Topalov-Kramnik
October 5 - Game 8 Kramnik-Topalov
October 6 - rest day
October 7 - Game 9 Topalov-Kramnik
October 8 - Game 10 Kramnik-Topalov
October 9 - Rest day
October 10 - Game 11 Topalov-Kramnik
October 11 - Rest day
October 12 - Game 12 Kramnik - Topalov
October 13 - Tiebreaks and Closing Ceremony
October 14
October 15

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