MACC Fall Organizing Committee Meeting Notes

10.18.06 The Maine Association of Chess Coaches had its fall meeting on Saturday, October 7, 2006 at Governors Restaurant in Bangor. Many important issues were discussed and decided including the dates for this year's State Scholastic Championships, who will get the nod as tournament directors and tournament leaders and many other interesting details. Check out this informative read.

Tournament Director Steve Wong announcing the results at the 2006 State Team Championship in the Memorial Union of the University of Maine, Orono.

Thanks to Ron Lewis for contributing to this report.

OCTOBER 7, 2006

Attending: Kathy Richards, Fred Irons, Bob Solinger, George Wilmot, Ron Lewis

1. Treasurer’Äôs Report by Kathy: Net gain for the 2005-06 season was $562.61.
Highlights included University of Maine Sponsorship for a total of $900, and support to teams headed to Nationals of $600. A previously outstanding invoice for trophies for the 2004 tournament was finally clarified and paid. The MCCA bank account currently stands at $4057.55.

2. Discussion of dates for this year’Äôs tournaments included concern for an earlier than usual National JHS tournament (March 30-April 1) and State basketball finals on March 3. This led to a shuffling of last year’Äôs tournament order. The Committee proposed and passed dates of:
March 3 ’Äì All Girls
March 10 ’Äì All team events
March 17 ’Äì Snow day
March 24 ’Äì Individuals
(Ron contacted Dan DeLuca to confirm the shift in the date for the All-Girls.)

3. Tournament Leaders:
Dan DeLuca will be both TL and TD for the All-Girls.
George Wilmot will be TL for the Elementary Teams.
Kurt Klappenbach will be TL for the JHS Teams.
Fred Irons and Ron Lewis will TL the HS Teams.
Ron Lewis will be TL for the Individuals again.

4. With Ralph Townsend having moved to Indiana, the Sidekick Quads (a tournament for adults on the day of the Individuals) was left uncovered. With the load on the limited Committee resources, the Committee agreed that the best approach would be to note that this tournament could be held only if someone wants to step forward and be responsible for its conduct. This tournament provided about $120 in revenue to MACC last year.

5. Bob Solinger agreed to process trophy orders again this year.

6. Alba Briggs, Tom Sandford and Steve Wong volunteered through e-mail to TD this year. Ron will pass these along to Phil Lowell who will coordinate TDs for the tournaments. Anyone else willing to TD please contact Ron ( or Phil directly ( Tom has also agreed to continue as our liaison with the University.

7. Discussion Items:

a. The Committee discussed the added security measures of last year (mainly ID tags for players, but also more conspicuous patrolling by parents and coaches). The Committee felt continuance of these measures appropriate.

b. The Committee discussed the All-Girls event and was enthusiastic about the turnout and results of the first such tournament. Margaret Bryan, the tournament winner, did go to the Susan Polgar National All-Girls Tournament and had a great time. See Dan DeLuca’Äôs web site for Margaret’Äôs essay about her experience and also Susan Polgar’Äôs web site for additional event details.

c. We will try to expand the e-mailing of entry forms to cut down a bit on the costs associated with copying and mailing. Recipients of forms will be asked to respond to these e-mailings ASAP to indicate receipt and cut down on the hard copy mailing that will follow shortly thereafter (right after the January meeting).

8. The Committee noted that Mark Woida has volunteered to be a Board of Directors member. Any other coaches also willing to be on the Board, please indicate to Ron via e-mail ( This requires only voting by e-mail on measures of procedure and changes in format for the tournaments.

9. Bob Solinger related that his daughter works for Chess in the Schools, a New York City based organization dedicated to promoting chess. She has indicated that it might be possible to set up matches between some of the New York teams and Maine players, a great experience for all involved. Bob will try to get some of their promotional materials. Also contact Bob ( if interested in participating and visit the CIS web site at to learn more about this program and obtain materials to support your school team’Äôs requests for aid by your school’Äôs administration.

10. To offset potential further loss of income, the Committee voted to a nominal increase in per person entry fee for prior USCF members as MACC received an affiliate’Äôs bonus of $2 for each membership registered or renewed. This source of income has been declining over current years with the withdrawal of mandatory USCF membership with each entry. Other entry fee rates will remain unchanged.

11. The Winter Organizing Committee meeting will be at the Bangor Governor’Äôs Restaurant at 1PM on January 6, 2007 (Saturday).

Any news or changes of coaches or e-mail addresses, please contact Ron at (

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