Cape Elizabeth Fall Chess Challenge

10.15.06 Twenty players competed in the Cape Elizabeth Fall Chess Challenge Scholastic Tournament on Saturday, October 14, 2006 at the Cape Elizabeth Middle School. This was the first tournament hosted by the Coastal Maine Scholastic Chess Club. Phil Lowell, President of the Maine Chess Association, served as Tournament Director. The tournament was organized into two Quads, an Open section and an Unrated section. The higest rated player, Lucas McCain, swept Quad 1 with 3 points. Cape Elizabeth native Brett Parker took first in Quad 2 with two wins and a draw. In the Open section, Reed Wommack and Max Berube tied for first with 2.5 points and the Unrated section saw another tie for first between Garrett Gilliard and Nicholas Shedd each earning 2.5 points.

Thanks to Jenny Campbell and Ilene Fishbein for contributing to this report.

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Action at the Cape Elizabeth Fall Chess Challenge

Explaination of the following crosstable: The number in the left-hand column is the player's pairing number, this is the player's seeding based on rating, or if the player is unrated, his or her age. The name of the player is followed by his or her USCF rating. W indicates a win, L a loss and D a draw. The number following these letters is the player's opponent in that particular round. Last is the player's total score for the tournament (wins score 1 point, losses 0 points and draws 1/2 point.)

Quad 1

1. LUCAS McCAIN (1508) W4 W3 W2 Total 3

2. SANDERS WOMMACK (1133) W3 D4 L1 Total 1.5

3. PETER CAMPBELL (1036) L2 L1 L4 Total 0

4. MATTHEW FISHBEIN (1018) L1 D2 W3 Total 1.5

Quad 2

5. DANIEL BRETT (753) W8 D7 D6 Total 2.0

6. SHANNON DALY (726) L7 W8 D5 Total 1.5

7. BRETT PARKER (639) W6 D5 W8 Total 2.5

8. JACK DEMETER (301) L5 L6 L7 Total 0

Swiss Tournament Open Section

1. ETHAN DUPERRE (379) W4 L3 L6 Total 1

2. MATTHEW HATEM (281) L5 L6 W4 Total 1

3. REED WOMMACK (232) W6 W1 D5 Total 2.5


5. MAX BERUBE (NEW) W2 W4 D3 Total 2.5

6. JOHN SOONG (NEW) L3 W2 W1 Total 2

Swiss Tournament Unrated Section

1. GARRETT GILLIARD W4 W3 D2 Total 2.5

2. CONNER SULLIVAN D5 W6 D1 Total 2.0

3. ANTHONY FRECCERO W6 L1 L5 Total 1.0

4. JULIAN WYZKOWSKI L1 L5 W6 Total 1.0

5. NICHOLAS SHEDD D2 W4 W3 Total 2.5

6. ZACHARY LENTZ L3 L2 L4 Total 0

Lucas McCain, playing the black pieces, makes a move in his game with Peter Campbell under the watchful eye of Maine Association of Chess Coaches President, Ron Lewis.

Matthew Fishbein (left) contemplates the position during his first round game with Lucas McCain.

Left to right: Jack Demeter, Shannon Daly, Daniel Brett and Brett Parker showing off their well earned hardware.

A happy Sanders Wommack

Lucas McCain striking a (somewhat) similar pose.

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