This Week at the George Cunningham Chess Club

09.26.06 This week at the George Cunningham Chess Club at the University of Maine, Orono it's a bishops and pawns vs knights and pawns tournament with prizes for the top three places. A good opportunity to work on your endgame technique and have some fun while you're at it. Also results from last week's Ruy Lopez Open Variation Theme Tournament.

George Cunningham Chess Club
Meeting this Wenesday, Sepember 27, 2006
University of Maine, Orono
Memorial Union Bumps Room 7:00 p. m. - 11:00 p. m.
Come drop by for a game
At 7:30 we will be holding a 5-minute time limit tournament
featuring 'bishop and pawns' against 'knight and pawns'.
There will be four rounds so that each person can try both sides of the same setup.
First place prize: $4
Second place prize: $3
Third place prize: $2

Last week's theme tournament of the Ruy Lopez - Open Variation results: First Place was taken by Mike
Chan, Second Place by Sean O'Brien and Third Place by David Chamberlain.

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