Maine Chess Player Database

08.02.06 Looking for information on a particular Maine chess player? We've updated our Players page to make this search a whole lot easier. Now all 375 USCF-rated Maine players each have their own individual link to the USCF Member Services Area with information including: current regular rating, quick and correspondence ratings, rating history, tournament history, tournament director history and more!

Dick Powell USCF 1336, Ellsworth Chess Club

The Players page is now a complete database of all USCF-rated Maine players in alphabetical order. If you prefer a list ordered by rating you can click on our State Top 200 link in the left hand margin of any page. If you are or know someone who is a USCF-rated Maine chess player not on this list please let us know.

Click Here to Access the USCF-Rated Maine Player Database.

You can also access the database by clicking on the Players link in the top (or bottom) menu bar from any page.


just a wonderful article on daly.I knew daly well having played him often.Thanks for bringing back good memories.

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